mivision artcile - DrRick - PEC 2, 02.09.16

In a recent article titled “LASIK: Why Doing Better is Important”, published in the mivision journal, I discuss why
“LASIK should aim to improve vision in every measurable and subjective way”.   In this article, I analyse the results of the standard, non-customised Wavefront Optimised LASIK treatment and assess how they compare with the new customised LASIK treatments: Wavefront Guided and Topographic-Guided (Contoura procedure).

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Read article online:  http://www.mivision.com.au/lasik-why-doing-better-is-important/

Dr Rick Wolfe, “LASIK: Why Doing Better is Important”, mivision, Issue 116, P33-36, September 2016

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