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Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Zelda Pick joins Peninsula Eye Centre

We are pleased to announce that Dr Zelda Pick has joined our team at Peninsula Eye Centre. Dr Pick is an ophthalmologist and sub-specialist oculoplastic surgeon, with particular interest in:

  • Diseases of the eyelids
  • Skin cancers of the eyelids: removal and reconstruction
  • Ptosis (upper lid droop)
  • Entropion and ectropion (eyelids turned in or out)
  • Blepharoplasty for excess upper lid skin
  • Lacrimal system disorders (tear duct surgery for watery eyes)
  • Diseases of the orbit (eye socket)

Dr Pick performs small procedures in our comfortable rooms at Peninsula Eye Centre, and larger cases at Beleura Private Hospital, Mornington.

.Please see Dr Pick’s full professional profile here.

We are delighted to welcome Dr Pick to our practice and to continue to provide high quality eye care to our patients.

Peninsula Eye Centre and Beleura Private Hospital host GP Education Evening “Eye Sight – GP Ophthalmology”

Peninsula Eye Centre and Beleura Private Hospital recently hosted another educational evening to local GPs titled “Eye Sight – GP Ophthalmology”.  The CPD accredited event featured ophthalmologists Dr Elvis Ojaimi, Dr Justin Sherwin and Dr Rick Wolfe.

Presentations and discussions included:

  • Common Eye Symptoms presenting to GPs and diagnostic algorithms – practical approach to cases – Dr Elvis Ojaimi, Ophthalmologist and Retinal Surgeon
  • Systemic Medications and the Eye – Dr Justin Sherwin, Ophthalmologist and Glaucoma Specialist
  • The red eye: Diagnosis and Treatment – Dr Rick Wolfe, Ophthalmologist, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon

Thank you to all our guest GPs for participating in this evening of interactive learning and discussion.

Alcon Acquires Fluid-Based IOL Maker, PowerVision Inc.

Alcon recently announced that it has acquired Fluid-Based IOL maker, PowerVision.

US-based PowerVision, Inc. was formed to develop fluid-based accommodating intraocular lenses (IOLs) for cataract surgery patients.  The fluid-based IOL utilizes the eye’s natural accommodative response to provide near and intermediate vision, in addition to distance vision commonly provided by basic IOLs.

Dr Rick Wolfe was recently the lead investigator in the first clinical trial of the fluid-based IOLs here in Australia.

The acquisition demonstrates Alcon’s commitment to driving growth and innovation in advanced technology intraocular lenses (AT-IOLs) to meet the needs of cataract surgery patients who desire spectacle independence.

Dr Rick Wolfe shares this commitment and, as a globally recognised leader in cataract surgery, has played a leading role in introducing and refining techniques in cataract surgery.  Dr Wolfe also regularly participates in clinical trials which continue to help shape the future of cataract surgery.

Peninsula Eye Centre hosts CPD event for local optometrists

On 27th November, Peninsula Eye Centre proudly hosted the “Clinical Update – November 2018” CPD event for our local optometrists.

Dr Elvis Ojaimi presented on the topic of “The latest in surgical and medical retina” which covered the latest techniques in Vitreoretinal surgery, including images and discussion around surgical and medical retinal conditions.

Dr Suki Sandhu presented on “Central Serous Chorioretinopathy (CSC)” and discussed the diagnosis and treatment of CSC.

Dr Rick Wolfe spoke about “The irregular cornea”, explaining the many causes of corneal irregularity, including keratoconus.  The discussion covered the management of these causes in optometric and surgical practice.   

The CPD accredited event provided optometrists with up-to-date clinical information.  Thank you to our guest optometrists for participating in these valuable and important discussions in the area of ophthalmic patient care.


Recycling for Sight in Developing Countries – VISTAeyes Laser Eye Clinic

In Australia, we are incredibly fortunate when it comes to eye health services.  But for many around the world, access to clear vision is simply out of reach.

‘The World Health Organisation estimates that over 265 million people in developing countries are visually impaired and that the majority of these people have little or no access to eye care or prescription glasses,’ says Dr Rick Wolfe.

‘Poor eyesight can lead to a raft of problems, from challenges with everyday work impacting the ability to provide for a family to more serious conditions such as the onset of preventable blindness’.

At VISTAeyes, we are proud supporters of Lions Recycle for Sight Australia.  Since the Australian operation began in 1991, this important initiative has delivered over 7 million pairs of refurbished quality glasses to men, women and children in need across Africa, Asia, Middle East, Oceania and Europe.

‘After having laser eye surgery, our patients are no longer in need of their glasses so we simply collect these in the large glass bowl you will see in our waiting area,’ says Dr Wolfe.

‘Not only are we doing our bit to reduce landfill, but more importantly, our patients’ old glasses are refurbished by Lions Recycle for Sight members to help somebody in need get a new lease on life with proper prescription glasses’.

Once the glasses are sent to Lions Recycle for Sight’s Australian headquarters in Queensland, their members do a fantastic job of refurbishing all types of glasses, whether single vision, bifocal, multifocal or sunglasses.  Every pair of glasses received is cleaned, graded and labelled before being distributed to their new owners overseas.

At VISTAeyes, we estimate to have collected over 6,000 pairs of glasses since we began supporting this worthy program in 2003.

With the program’s annual national target of 450,000 glasses to be distributed to adults and children in developing countries every year, every pair you can spare counts.

So how can you donate your unwanted specs? 

If you have any unused or unwanted glasses, simply visit us at VISTAeyes and leave them in the large glass bowl in our waiting area – and help support this important program.

For more information on Lions Recycle for Sight Australia visit