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I was recently honoured to be invited to speak at the SynergEYES conference held in Sydney.

At the conference, I delivered a presentation to a group of trainee ophthalmologists about cataract and refractive surgery, with a focus on:

  • reading and assessing corneal topography maps to better understand the performance of the cornea; and
  • assessing BioMaterial, BioOptic & BioMechanics for optimal intraocular (IOL) performance.

I also presented to 170 ophthalmologists about the history of LASIK, newest technological advancements (such as topography guided treatment) and explained how today, LASIK patients are achieving higher quality of vision than with spectacle or contact lens correction.

Both presentations raised some very interesting discussions among the panel and audience.  I found the other presentations to be extremely insightful and was particularly impressed by the special guest from Ahmedabad, India, Dr Abhay Vasavada, who is an expert in the method of cataract extraction.  Overall it was one very inspiring conference!

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